The Prince and the Pauper [with Biographical Introduction]

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Date of Death: April 21, Place of Birth: Florida, Missouri. Place of Death: Redding, Connecticut. His father, John Marshall Clemens — , was an inept businessman, perennially in debt, sometimes bringing his family to such low financial water as to force the selling of family land, and even the household furniture. Show More. Average Review.

Prince and the Pauper (Barnes & Noble Classics Series)

Write a Review. The Prince and the Pauper 3. Anonymous More than 1 year ago I had to write a 7th grade book report on it and it was simple. Even with the writing it was very easy to understand. And if you already did reasch for another project on crimes and punishments back then, then you know what to expect. Great book for book reports. Guest More than 1 year ago Turn back time; sixteenth century England is where you will be. England is in chaos; terrors, poverty, plague and filth is everywhere.

People are begging to stay alive. Tom is a regular person. He has grown up in the filth of Elizabethan England. One day Tom is by the grounds where Edward is. Edward wants to play with him. By mistake Tom dresses up as the Prince and Edward dresses up as the Pauper and then the Pauper [Edward] is kicked out of the grounds.

The Prince observes what the people of England are going through. While the Prince observes he becomes a pheasant: the back bone of society. The Pauper goes through the opposite; he becomes a gentry. There are two reoccurring themes in the book, appearance verses reality and image verses identity. Vibrantly expressed is appearance verses reality. The reader will see that language device used frequently in the book. Image verses identity can be seen within the quote. The description of Tom and Edward show image of their identity.

The sole of the reader will know Tom will always be the beggar and Edward the elite class. Image verses identity is another reoccurring theme in the book. This theme makes the book better then if nothing changed in the mood of the society. It is achieved which is the main reason to read the book.

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The reader will vision the lowest class of Elizabethan society reach its upper limit. The vision of escape and exile is what Edward witnesses with the reader. Edward is thrown back into the throbbing jungle of Elizabethan society. This book has a very bizarre language which one might not enjoy. Imagine the beginning of modern English that is used in Shakespeare and then mix it with our flamboyant English of the present. That might be scary territory for people anyway but it is not my main recommendation.

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My number one recommendation is because of the two reoccurring themes in the book appearance verses reality and image verses identity. The reader has a phantasmagoric experience between the two characters. The reader will be able to vividly see the prince and the pauper in their two new and different words.

Anonymous More than 1 year ago I love mark twain and i was reading this book in class and i needed to read it but i hate reading from pages so this was the same version i was reading in class and i recomend it to all kids and adults. Anaissa Diaz More than 1 year ago My teacher told me to read this book and I loved it! If you like classics you'll love this book. Great read! TheQuillPen More than 1 year ago "The Prince and the Pauper"'s strengths reside mostly in its author's wonderful writing and its creative and humurous "comedy of errors" style involving wild mix-ups and misunderstandings.

Mark Twain is an amazingly skillful author and he presents his topic in a wonderful way. However, the story cannot compare to Twain's other work and is not as memorable or spirited. Some of the plot turns feel slightly unnecessary and the titular pauper is underdeveloped as compared to the prince when he could have had a lot of potential. I think the setting was somewhat stifling as well, seeing as Mark Twain has a definite American flavor to his writing style, and his dialogue shines when filled with 19th-century dialects.

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Although I would absolutely reccomend "The Prince and the Pauper," it would not be at the top of my list. Anonymous More than 1 year ago Hey mark twain wrote this book in the old days. So you should know that there should be some errors. Nazire More than 1 year ago Mark Twain is hailed as one of the greatest writers of his time and not for no reason. While The Prince and the Pauper is not my favorite book by Twain it is definitely a great book to read. It has a lot of interesting characters and a glance from the future to the past attitude that makes this story a great read even to modern day readers.

It's a coming of age story with plot twists and some new techniques tried out by Twain.

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There are growing aches in which any one could relate to both of the protagonists and can easily see the both sides of the mirror. While, it won't be easy to figure out Twain's syntax and diction, therefore eliminating many younger readers who would other wise immensely enjoy this book, it is a book that can be enjoyed by children and their parents, or their adults and some young adults as well who are willing to put the time into this book.

I think that Mark Twain over did the old english a little bit.

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago Awesome book! My momm recommended the book Prince and the Pauper:! Anyways, what's up with all the warrior cats stuff? This is suppose to be reveiws for this book! This is a fun bit of literature to read. Children will especially enjoy the story since it centers upon two boys as they share the adventure of a lifetime. What circumstances could possibly lead these two to even meet, with completely opposite lives and social ranks creating a broad distance between them?

The Prince and the Pauper (Barnes & Noble Classics Series)

Furthermore, that a prince and a pauper would then engage in conversation, or make the almost! This is historical fiction at its finest. They got drunkwhenever they could; then they fought each other or anybody elsewho came in the way; they cursed and swore always, drunk or sober;John Canty was a thief, and his mother a beggar.

They madebeggars of the children, but failed to make thieves of them. Among, but not of, the dreadful rabble that inhabited thehouse, was a good old priest whom the King had turned out of houseand home with a pension of a few farthings, and he used to get thechildren aside and teach them right ways secretly. Father Andrewalso taught Tom a little Latin, and how to read and write; andwould have done the same with the girls, but they were afraid ofthe jeers of their friends, who could not have endured such a queeraccomplishment in them.

AmazonClassics edition. Chesterton's The man who was Thursday, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Wells' The War of the Worlds, among many other names of illustrious writers, have made of London one of the most amazing places in both literature and history. After reading the first chapters I have to add "The Prince and the Pauper" to that list. Mark Twain's London have a taste of "Arabian Nights" both in its regal side as in the plebeian one, and a taste of the U.

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The story requires at first a bit of suspension of disbelief: two boys born in the same day and bearing the same appearance. One day they met and decide to play being each other: the pauper will be free as the prince he dreams to be, and the prince will be free from being prince. This make their lives extraordinary. Among the parts I loved there is a scene when the protector of the prince faces the negation of his identity too.

I cannot say I loved it, though, my score is 3. The hand of Mark Twain is visible to change events to suit his goals, with the detriment that you forget to be immerse in another reality and suddenly being conscious of just reading a story. It's almost a video game in which the author set obstacles for the character in order to be educational toward the reader.

For example the prince always getting caught by the pauper's father and his accomplices with extreme easiness, that is excessively implausible.