Gateway to the Past (A romantic novel of a second chance granted by a grandmotherly ghost)

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Many, many thanks to all the wonderful readers who help to ID these books! We also appreciate those who take the time to thank the contributors for researching their books. I remember reading a book in the mids about a boy who just became a big brother. He feels like his parents aren't paying him attention anymore so he goes to his special "cubby place" or a hiding place of some sort in his room where he keeps his toys. The boy in the story was no more than 7 years old, possibly younger.

We have been trying to figure out what this book is for the past 5 years. We've searched the library and online to no avail. Any ideas? Im not real clear on it sorry. But i believed it was an orangish colored cover with leaves and small children or elves or such on the cover and the thing i remember most about it was the story of the 5 chinse brothers and rikki tikki among other stories within it.

I dont know about the story with 5 brothers but here's one of the stories! Unfortunately I don't remember much about this book but I have been wanting to find it for quite some time. I used to check it out from the library. It might have been published in the s. It was about a child possibly a little girl who travels and visits her family members who represent the months of the year or possibly holidays.

I don't know Does this ring any bells? I'd love to find it! The Story of May by Mordecai Gerstein. The parents are April and December. May visits all her relatives who are the months of the year. Is it a Slavic tale called 'The Twelve Months'? I had a copy when I was little and it sounds the same. The first one was about English children who spent their summer by water, either a lake with a river, or a sea estuary. One of the images of the book is the setting sun making a golden path across the water.

There's a houseboat in the story. The other book was set in Tsarist Russia and it's the story of a little girl taken to live in a royal palace. She steals some fruit from the table and won't own up, allowing a servant to be blamed and punished, so next time all the children go skating she's left behind as a punishment.

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Her name might be Katya. It depends on how old you are Kirsten! Although I couldn't find the specific events you mentioned and I didn't read the book, just read through summaries , it does seem to be about her realizing how priveleged her life has been and how others have little, so it could fit.

They were from the library, hardcover, there was a series of them. About 2 girls who start a babysitting service. It's not the popular babysitters club series. Those were later. I feel like one of the girls names was Jenny but not sure.

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I remember these books! The girls were, I believe, Ginnie and Geneva and they start a babysitting service.

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Catherine Woolley is the author. They did babysitting, entered a cooking contest, even solved the mystery of an antique doll. They were republished at different times, so there are different covers, in case the first ones you see in a search don't match your memory. In the 's a book about a pond that dries up and the bear, grumpy frog, deer, butterfly, duck, bird a ceder waxwing , bee, squirrel and bunny must go out in search of a new one.

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