Fear No Evil (DEVOTIONAL): …a 365 day destruction of fear!

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    God is Concerned about You. Rhema Orech. We would like to know how you are doing. I just know what you are doing is helping so many people.

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    It certainly helps me! It is such a blessing and will encourage you and help you to keep standing strong. How are you brother? Are you receiving our donations? Carry on the great work you are doing God bless. I would request that you send me more.

    …a 365 day destruction of fear!

    I have been struggling with this seeker friendly church movement for decades. And unfortunately there is no one in our current church that wants to sit down and reason together, unless it is to discuss their plans and view. We are searching for a true Bible believing church but they are missing, here in the Bible Belt. Your articles are extremely thought provoking and we need a wake-up call in these last days.

    Please pray for those still caught in the snare..

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    Get with it brother. Keep on exposing and shout it from the roof tops!!! May God richly bless you!! Keep doing what you are doing! Sharing, warning, not pulling out a verse here and there trying to twist the scriptures.

    Fear No Evil with Apostle Joshua Selman

    You are truly a blessing to me. You have truly helped me more than you will ever know. Thanks for sharing! Thank you for all the teachings which you share so freely with us and thank You Lord for using Todd as Your vessel Amen.

    Just want to know if you are doing okay? Where is the discernment? Or rather, I should say, not learn the Word-because false teachers do not teach truth. These are true servants of the living God that preach the whole counsel of God, rightly dividing the word of truth, out of the King James Version Holy Bible and they preach the pure, holy, unadulterated Word of God. I assure you that you will glean much and your eyes will truly be opened.