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Michele Ashman Bell: 2010 -

Even more devastating up close, Lord Amesbury turned to her. His piercing blue eyes threatened the strength in her knees. Though taller than most ladies, Alicia still had to look up to meet his gaze.

No other color existed in those eyes; no green or gray, only deep, dark blue, like the fathomless depths of the ocean. All the other men she had met lately, namely those her uncle insisted she consider for a husband, had taken careful note of her figure. But this gentleman only looked into her eyes. Very deeply. Lord Amesbury inclined his head. Alicia met his frank gaze and a sensation she did not quite understand stirred within her until breathing became a conscious effort. Unable to pull her eyes away, Alicia sank into a curtsey.

No longer merely polite, his smile broadened, warmed, transforming an already handsome face into a perfectly stunning visage. Sensuality radiated off him, not in a manner that left her feeling threatened, but in a way that left her breathless for more.

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More of what, she did not know. But she wanted to find out. Alicia blinked. She looked back at Elizabeth who smiled encouragingly. Hancock also smiled and nodded, but a touch of disappointment tainted her approval, reminding Alicia the dear lady had hoped her own daughter would attract the attention of the very eligible Lord Amesbury.

She squelched all hope that she might hold his interest. Surely only politeness motivated him to dance with the plainest girl first. As the final notes of the current dance ended and the next began, Lord Amesbury offered his arm. She took it, an unfamiliar quiver beginning in her stomach.

The art of dancing, she found as the set began, had not abandoned her as completely as her wits. The handsome viscount danced with athletic grace, his attention focused upon her. The warmth of his hand seeped through their kidskin gloves. He held her gently, firmly. A playful glint touched his sapphire eyes. She will most certainly interrogate me regarding you. She met those probing eyes and her mouth curved. Has your aunt become your self-proclaimed matchmaker? A wry smile touched his lips. Despite my efforts to delay that obligation, she persists. Alicia nodded, her smile deepening at his indelicate statement.

Alicia missed her step. Even while dancing with the very handsome Duke of Suttenberg two Seasons ago, such a keen attraction for a man had never overcome her as it did tonight. I am sure you can reason with her. She laughed and then clapped her hand over her mouth. She might hear you. He chuckled. We needle each other as frequently as possible.

From valuable artifacts to shady businessmen, the Yucatan Peninsula. Mayan Intrigue has 10 ratings and 7 reviews. Other editions. See the complete The Adventures of John and. When Julia's brother announces that his dude ranch is haunted, she.

Anasazi Intrigue

With artifacts, dead fish, a devastating flood, and miscreants, John and Julia have their hands full. The Adventures of John and Julia Evans. While on assignment for the newspaper, John and Julia Evans try to enjoy a romantic vacation among the Mayan ruins. I remember reading and loving! I'd love to introduce my son to them.

I think he'd really enjoy the Mayan Intrigue. Thank you for the videos. The Mayan Intrigue sounds intriguing! The Mayan Intrigue sounds good, thanks for the giveaway! I love Mystery and Adventure! I like the video of Desert Intrigue! They all sound good though! Thank You!

I would like to read the Mayan Intrigue but they all sound very interesting:. I would love any of them. If I had to pick just one, I'd probably go with the Mayan Intrigue, just because I've visited the ruins and am fascinated with the history. I have 2 of them I think the first and 4th. I would love to win one of the other ones. I love adventure series! Thanks, Vanessa, for having me on your blog. To answer a few questions The Anasazi Indians are ancient Americans who lived here and left their mark, such as the petroglyphs carved into rock and villages made of cement that still stand today.

Montezuma was an Aztec Indian and the leader of his people.

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The Mayan Indians live in Mexico and have lived here for centuries. These books are adventures and a mystery which have to do with these subjects.

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They were so much fun to write. I already have these books, but I wanted to stop by and offer Linda my support. Hope this series does well. These sound awesome. I'd pick the Mayan Intrigue.

Anasazi Intrigue: The Adventures of John and Julia Evans - Linda Weaver Clarke - Google книги

Thanks for the giveaway. I would choose Anasazi Intrigue sounds interesting and exciting. All of these sound amazing - it would be hard to pick one, but I guess I would start with their first adventure. I'm sure I will be reading them all! I really want to get my hands on a copy of The Anasazi Intrigue!!! Hope I strike lucky!! I have read Desert Intrigue and loved it.

Linda is a gifted writer.