A Closer Look At Nutrition & Wellbeing (A Nutritional Makeover)

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I had health problems a few years back so the doctor recommended that I detox for a couple of months. I have to tell you that it did work. I felt cleaner, more energized and lost about 25 pounds in one month.

I also just read a funny article about a girl who did a one week detox and had good results. Great article. I find it amazing that as soon as you claim that your process, diet, fast clears your body of toxins and this will help you get fit and lose weight, people just believe. There simply is no evidence to support any of this.


Which cleanse or detox do you follow given that none of them are proven? Why pick one over the other? Even in the 6 comments above, 2 totally different cleanses are recommended…. As with any nutritional fad, there are opportunists out there who take advantage of naive consumers. You absorb chemicals from everything in your body, and these do not get eliminated by any methods except a thorough detox.

Thanks for writing this. This is true for nutrition as well as fitness. Everyone wants the simple solution. I am curious to know if you have ever tried a cleanse. I also agree with the fact that our bodies are bombarded with toxins. You can not deny that. Look around…the incidences of allergies, dis-ease, eczema, etc all increasing and it is this imbalance in the body that is at least, in part influenced by toxins in the body. A visit to a well-researched herbalist or naturopath for a body-suited herbal cleanse or a personalized diet makeover can do a person wonders.

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Before you go throwing the baby out with the cleansing bathwater, I think there is more to the cleansing concept that meets the eye. Didadtic nutrition does not always look beyond its scope to understand what some physicians, chiropractors, yoga instructors the real ones , naturopaths, and alternative medicinded professionals have been touties for years maybe centuries : detoxing the body, or supporting the elimination of substance, food or even mental preoccupation with food, has a profound healing effect that has been documented time and time again.

I am in academic research and I understand and respect the value of evidence based research. Detoxing also helps us avoid trigger foods, excess sugar, or excess in general. Most people feel profoundly mentally better when they clease in some way that is safe, sustainable, and is not about weight loss. Cleansing and weight loss are NOT the same things at all, and its a marketing scheme to put them together.

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Enough already with detox and cleanse. You can hardly escape these words. Enjoy this? Discuss 0 Comments. Jim Purdy. The 50 Best Health Blogs. Amy Rohn. Jeanne Calment died in , but she lived long enough to have known Vincent Van Gogh. She lived a comfortable life of leisure—bicycling, swimming, playing tennis—having married a wealthy storeowner.

Mind, body and soul: the rise of the holistic wellness makeover

Though she was blind, almost deaf and wheelchair-bound in her last years, she remained mentally sharp until the end. Living testimony to the benefits of the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle, Calment attributed her longevity in interviews in her twilight to a diet rich in olive oil, regular glasses of port wine and an easy smile. It marks a sharp contrast to that of the West, where stressed-out commuters and other working people on the run grab a quick meal of sugar-rich coffee, nitrate-filled hot dogs and fatty french fries.

Meals in the Mediterranean, on the other hand, are centerpieces of the daily routine. As such, they are carefully thought out, built around fresh ingredients, rich in flavor and meant to be enjoyed at a slower pace that is geared toward healthier digestion. They say the only two sure things in life are death and taxes, but there are places around the world where people seem to cheat the first by living longer than other folks. Served a succession of plates bearing fish, cheese, pastas and vegetables while socializing and soaking up the sun and ocean breeze, she realized that her mission involved more than a gathering of recipes.

Come inside and choose which fish you want. And a lot of places like that there have no menus.

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In the Mediterranean, meat, fish and dairy products are used as condiments. Just about every aspect of the preparation of those first courses is healthy, observes Weir. Hosts prepare the food well ahead of serving time so they can partake with their guests rather than be stuck in the kitchen, Weir notes.

The fall turns out artichokes, squash and fennel. Winter brings lemons and oranges. And radishes, lettuces and asparagus are harvested in the spring. Foods of the Mediterranean are simple, accessible to anyone and not just the domain of the wealthy.

The midlife health checklist: how to maximise your wellbeing in your 40s and beyond

In fact, the first study examining the health status of the people of Crete was conducted post-World War II, at the end of the s, when people in the region were most deprived and poverty-scarred by war. Yet the study, by the Rockefeller Foundation, found that the cardiovascular health of the people of Crete exceeded that of US residents. Diet was cited as the reason for the gap.

Among these scientists were Ancel Keys, PhD, a Minnesota physiologist who was famous for developing military K rations.

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The Boston food-issues think tank promotes the Mediterranean Diet food pyramid, which it helped develop with the Harvard School of Public Health 15 years ago. The dominant flavors of these related cuisines also signal the health advantages for which the Mediterranean diet is so deservedly famous. The following items do their part to benefit the body even as they gratify the tongue:.

Olive oil —In addition to healthy fats, this very essence of the Mediterranean contains vitamin K, vital for bone formation, and all-around antioxidant vitamin E. Tomatoes —These luscious fruits technically, at least are loaded with lycopene, a phytonutrient with heart-protective and anti-cancer properties.

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Whole Grains —Whole-grain breads and pastas provide plenty of fiber, a boon to both digestion and blood circulation. Spices —Each Mediterranean country from Spain right around to Greece and beyond has its own signature spices. These include cumin, which in studies has had a steadying effect on blood sugar; paprika, packed with vitamin C; cinnamon, which may lower both glucose and cholesterol levels; anise, long used as a stomach soother; Spanish saffron, a possible and novel mood booster; lemon, source of a phytonutrient called limonene that helps fight cancer; mint, another traditional digestive aid that has also been used to ease respiratory distress; and parsley, a rich source of iron and other minerals.

The study began in and lasted decades. As a result, Keys identified saturated fat as a leading cause of heart disease and was the first scientist to laud the Mediterranean diet as a potential shield against it. Keys died in —10 months after reaching his th birthday. The Mediterranean Diet Pyramid, in addition to calling for daily physical activity, has a foundation of daily helpings of bread, pasta, rice, couscous, polenta and other whole grains, as well as potatoes. Above that on the pyramid, also to be consumed daily, are fruits; beans, legumes and nuts; and vegetables.